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About Myra Home

Who we are

We are a young muslim family living in the west. Our parents migrated to Europe in the late 80’s in search of work opportunities which quickly turned into a long term settlement plan. This shift was not limited to that era, sadly it continues with many Muslim families flooding in from war torn countries looking for a better life.

This didn’t mean they left everything behind. Carrying their cultural roots embedded deep into their hearts whilst embracing a new way of living, they struggled to connect the two worlds apart. Today we are proud to say, Myra Home presents a beautiful fusion of cultures and minimalist design, making Muslim families feel welcome and accepted in the Western world whilst staying true and connected to their homeland.

Where we started

Buying a new home and styling it to suit your persona is very challenging when a blend of cultures leaves you floating in the middle. Growing up in the West, we admired the art of simple living whilst appreciating the colours and intricacies of traditional design. As we struggled to find home decor which suits our personalities, Myra Home was born.

We provide a solution for those who want to decorate their homes with elegant and timeless pieces upholding the Islamic values whilst keeping a minimalist and a modern design approach.

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